Who is Lynn Sheridan?

It was a night like any other at the top-secret research facility deep beneath the streets of London, England. The scientists argued over which spell would defeat a cave troll. Tensions grew. Someone threw a beaker. Lynn saw his chance to escape, and he took it.

Knowing that the scientists would be looking for him, Lynn hid in the quiet seaside town of Weston-super-Mare. Many years and possibly too many horror stories later, he realised that in the event of an outbreak there would be more than four hundred zombies per square kilometre (Z/km²) in England.

Not being a gambling man, Lynn moved to New Zealand where he enjoyed a mere seventeen Z/km². After several seasons of sun, surfing, and the great outdoors, and many more horror stories, Lynn’s first child was born.

Suddenly, there was a need to further improve the Z/km². After much deliberation, Lynn ended up in the tropical sounding Thunder Bay, Canada, home to an impressive four Z/km². FYI, it’s not tropical, it’s cold… bloody cold. What he also hadn’t counted on was the millions and millions of blood-sucking insects.

It turns out that the potential threat of zombies is far more acceptable than the actual threat of mosquitoes, especially when Lynn has a rare and particularly tasty blood type. Now, he calls Ottawa and it’s near three hundred Z/km² home. After all, what’s the point of there being a zombie apocalypse if you can’t enjoy it?

Other than inventing statistics for the zombie apocalypse, Lynn is an author, anime enthusiast, and blogger. He is currently working on a post-apocalyptic trilogy and an epic fantasy series, plus many more projects that are eagerly waiting for their turn in the spotlight.

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