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One thing that I learnt early when I started writing was the importance of streaking! No, I don’t mean running naked through the quad, as much fun as that is… no, I’m talking about developing habits.

There’s nothing like a good streak!

When I first really started trying to take writing fiction seriously, I began by tracking my daily word counts. Back then, I was probably writing 300-500 words-a-day. That was writing shorts, had I been trying to write a novel it would have taken the best part of a year at that speed. However, I knew that I needed to improve and that’s one of the reasons I was tracking my progress. I’m naturally a fairly competitive person and my biggest rival is often myself…

I mean it. Nothing gets me pumped more than trying to beat something I did previously. So, by tracking my word count, every day I would try to beat the previous day. Before I knew it that became a streak of consecutive days writing and the longer it got the more words I was writing in a day. After a couple of months, I was easily writing three-thousands words-a-day and would often write more than fifty-thousand words-a-month, even with weekends off. Unfortunately, that was a couple of years ago…

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Admittedly, I have been blogging at a very consistent rate and putting out hundreds of thousands of words-a-year, but fiction is a little different. Well, since I started doing NaNoWriMo again, I am seeing my work count climb once more. My latest streak is eight days long and more than two-thousand words-a-day. After my first week where I missed a number of days, it was quite the relief to claw some of that back.

I’ve heard a lot of differing opinions on writing every day, so I figured I might as well add my own. There is a time when I would absolutely advocate writing every single day and that is when your daily word count is down and you want to give it a boost. Then once you’ve got it up where you want it to be, you can afford to take a day off here or there and I don’t think it’ll suffer too much. However, if you take too many days off and it starts to drop, well, you just start again and this time you’ll probably find the progress comes that much quicker.

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Last Week’s Achievements

All right, so, as I may have alluded to earlier in this post, I wrote every day last week and managed a weekly total of 14,977 words against a target of 11,667 words. On top of that, I have really been getting into the story and am excited to see what others think once it’s completed. I’m already dreaming up some elaborate plans on how best to publish it and I think I’m close to my finished plan… but more on that later.

So, how am I doing against the month-long target of fifty-thousand words? My current total is 23,716 and I should have been at 25,000. It’s pretty close and if I can keep this streak going, I’ll be ahead of the target in no time at all. I may even finish NaNoWriMo a day or two early. However, as far as the story goes, I’m pretty close to thirty percent of the way through, so I’m going to be still writing this in December, and that’s fine.

The Future

There’s not much more to it that keep writing and pushing this story forward. I will say that it has been a lot of fun writing in a genre I’m not used to writing. Of course, I’m familiar with the story type and the tropes, but I tend to write dark fantasy and science fiction and this is more of a supernatural romantic comedy… I think I just wanted to do something relaxed for a while and it’s been so much fun, I can absolutely see myself writing more in the series and the genre. I also have a pen name planned for that, but more on that later, too!

Well, that’s it for now. I need write some more of this story.

Thanks for reading.

Lynn Sheridan

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