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That’s one full week of NaNoWriMo done and I’ve certainly struggled, but is there a point where your word count has fallen too far behind? When is it time to throw in the towel? The short answer is – Never!

Losing is not an option!

Deadlines and challenges are great for motivation, but they’re not the only solution. Now, NaNoWriMo offers both which is one of the reasons that I enjoy taking part. I love a good challenge and often will create ones for myself. However, with NaNoWriMo, it can get quite daunting if you fall behind early on. I don’t have any stats to back it up, but I would assume that most people quit in the first seven days. If you miss one day, you’re already 1,667 words behind. Miss a week and that’s 11,667 words.

The thing to remember with NaNoWriMo is that it doesn’t matter if you don’t hit the fifty-thousand-word target. Sure, that’s the goal of the challenge, but in reality, it’s about writing your book. Like most things, the more you do the harder it is to stop. So, don’t worry about missing a day here or there. It doesn’t matter if you can only manage one-hundred words-a-day. As long as you keep getting back in front of the keyboard and type.

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The bottom line is that you either want to write a novel or you don’t. It’s a far more challenging process than many realise, so just by completing your first draft, you are well ahead of the curve. Most people just daydream about writing and say things like “If I had time, I would write a novel.” No one really has time, but if it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. I tend to write in the evenings once everyone else has gone to bed, but I’m always plotting.

I keep documents in Google docs (other online tools are available) because I can access it from my phone and laptop. If I have an idea, it’s quick and easy to make a note of it. One thing that has really helped me with this attempt, is my plan. Yes, that’s the outline that I put together using Save the Cat. I can read the next couple of scenes in the morning and let them wander around inside my head. Bits of dialogue just seems to appear and the action sorts itself out. So, when it gets to writing time, I am ready and raring to go.

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Last Week’s Achievements

So, I missed the first day of NaNoWriMo and started this week already 1,667 words behind target. Things did improve, but they were far from perfect. Through this week, I missed a further two and a half days. Not ideal, but as is so often the case, life gets in the way. There’s not much you can do about that except to jump back in front of the keyboard and get going again.

All right, now for the important part. If I missed two and a half days of writing, that means that I got in four and a half. The target for that would be 7,500 words. Well, I managed a total of 8,739 words. So, for the days that I am writing, I’m beating the target. There are still twenty-two days left in November which should be plenty of time for me to catch up. On top of that, I am really enjoying the story so far and the characters have surprised me a couple of times already.

The Future

I’ve had a couple of slip-ups so far, but I am confident that I will finish this novel. My goal is still to hit fifty-thousand words by the end of November, although it is starting to look like the overall novel will end up being a bit longer, which is fine. That’s what December is for. So, that’s it. The plan is simple – write, write, write.

And that’s it for now as I need to get back to writing this story.

Thanks for reading.

Lynn Sheridan

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