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Think you can handle thirteen terrifying tales of terror? These stories may be short and easy to digest but they bite back. You have been warned!

Thirteen Tales of Terror

Back in 2017, I took part in a small Halloween project with twelve other authors. We each had to write a terrifying short story. How short you ask? Well, have you ever heard of microfiction? These stories were ideally no more than a couple of sentences and usually under three hundred words.

This was my submission that I originally posted on Halloween day 2017. For some reason, no one else wanted the last day in the series, maybe they were too busy eating chocolate or hanging around cemeteries…

Lynn Sheridan Bite-Sized Horror Microfiction

Anyhow, I wrote this three years ago and I think it still conveys a pretty horrifying image, especially if you’ve been unlucky enough to see me dance…

Of course, there were twelve other stories and you can see them all in the gallery below.

I’ve always been a fan of short fiction and while it doesn’t generally sell that well, it can leave a lasting impact if done right. Maybe, I’ll have to put together some more of these. I do have a load of short pieces lying around that I could do something with.

Anyhow, this was just a short post to wish you all a happy Halloween and reshare these dark and mysterious stories. Stay safe and thanks for reading.

Lynn Sheridan

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