Asteroidea by Lynn Sheridan

It was supposed to be the discovery of a lifetime, but some things are best kept on ice…

Renowned marine biologist, Dr. Jane Crawford arrives on the frozen world of Caldwell IV to investigate an unprecedented biological discovery at a water extraction plant. Jane has devoted her life to the search for extraterrestrial life. Could she have finally found it?

She needs time to conduct her research, but the plant foreman has other ideas. He has orders to fulfill and he’s not prepared to shut down operations for a microscopic organism. Unfortunately for everyone involved, that is about to become the least of their problems.

Asteroidea is an action-packed homage to the classic creature feature. If you like fast-paced horror, daring heroines, and unrelenting ravenous monsters, then you’ll love this short story. Ideal for reading on the bus, at the aquarium, or anywhere the lights are on…

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